Online Applications

Custom designed online applications built to suit your specific purposes.  If you can think it, we can map it out together and build it to your custom specifications.

In addition to providing you with a professional looking and flawlessly functioning website, one that you can build upon as your budget and needs expand, we also develop custom online applications.  These are web-based programs that can have a multitude of functions build into them, such as a custom designed content management system (CMS) or a scheduling application for appointments for example.

The list of features is endless with a custom CMS that is designed in a scalable (modular) fashion from the ground up.  Anything having to do with your website can be managed from a custom CMS.   For example, modules can be added to manage content and images on any or all pages, videos, music, FAQs, news/press releases, event calendars, auto email responses, email lists, downloadable brochures/data sheets, and pretty much anything else you can dream up.

Our systems are fully scalable and easily adaptable to your needs as they change.

A case in point;  as a much younger company, we cut our teeth on turning a 300+ page catalog of highly technical parts from a large international tech company into a completely manageable online catalog database, complete with data & spec tables, drawings, you name it.  That system has been modified and adapted over the years, and is still in use today!  Click here to see it in action.  This is a real life testament to our good standards of practice in coding and overall system design standards.

If you intend to actively manage the content on your website and maximize its effectiveness, then a custom designed management system is what you want.

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