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We've recently completed the website for Sames Media Group, LLC. Sames Media Group is a full service ad agency that can create or strengthen your organization's brand through ad campaign creation, TV and Radio, Outdoor, Print and Direct Mail production, media planning and placement, social media management and digital marketing and reputation management, and more.

Website Design

Results driven design and function made to dazzle and retain your customers.  Your website is how the world sees you and your business.  Put your best foot forward from square one.

Hosting Solutions

Powerful, reliable, secure website & email hosting solutions to ensure you're always available to your customers.  Everything you need to scale your business online.

Online Applications

Custom designed online applications built to suit your specific purposes.  If you can think it, we can map it out together and build it to your custom specifications.

Digital Marketing

Unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to greatly improve your website's search engine ranking and visibility to your target audience.

About Us

Media Graphics Group was established in 2001 by Paul Benedetti and Jeff Wildermuth, combining many years of experience in the internet technology, recording studio and music industries, to create a company focused on providing stellar and knowledgeable customer service, the highest quality product, and the complete satisfaction of our clients.  We now hold offices in Saratoga County, located in Upstate New York's Capital Region, as well as St Lucie County, located on South Florida's Treasure Coast.

Media Graphics Group | em2g offers a full range of services;  intuitive website design & development, simple yet powerful hosting solutions and completely custom online applications to dramatically increase your business exposure and retain customers.  We've been aggressively working to adapt to the flurry of new technology that keeps coming at us, seemingly from all directions these days, while still holding to the base standards of practice that have formed the foundation of our digital world.

We at em2g tackle each project the same way, regardless of size.  No client is too small for em2g, each client and project is equally important.  From small businesses to large corporations, em2g will provide you with a professional looking and flawlessly functioning website, and one which you can build upon as your budget and needs expand.  Our systems are fully scalable, easily adaptable to your needs as they change.  A case in point;  as a much younger company, we cut our teeth on turning a 300+ page catalog of highly technical parts from a large international tech company into a completely manageable online catalog database, complete with data & spec tables, drawings, you name it.  That system has been modified and adapted over the years, and is still in use today.  This is a real life testament to our good standards of practice in coding and overall system design standards.

Our number one priority at em2g is a high standard of customer service.  Your satisfaction is why we are here.  We approach our work with openness to new ideas and are responsive to feedback.  Our creative approach is one of simplicity and professionalism, based entirely on your needs and demands.  We do what we say we will do, on time and on budget, no excuses.  It's that simple.  We work hard to see things from our client's perspective.  Your objectives are our objectives, and we maintain this incentive to provide you with a product you are satisfied with.  Because, no matter how great our product is, if it is not what you wanted, it is not great at all.

Teamwork is key.  Nothing else works like teamwork.  We want you to consider us as a part of your team, as we will consider you a part of ours.  Communication between you and our team is key in successful project completion.  We pride ourselves on guaranteeing first class customer service to each and every client, and strive to make each client feel comfortable and confident in working with us.

Welcome to our Team!

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